The Jerusalem Old City Train

Getting through the Old City to the Western Wall just got a little easier and a lot more fun with the launch of “The Old City Train,” a new transportation service that takes visitors from Jaffa Gate to the Western Wall that will offer rich audio tour experience and greatly increase accessibility to the Western Wall for the disabled.


Jaffo Gate
91000 Jerusalem


Welcome to Jerusalem Old City Train!
Departing from Spoiled Jaffa (right near Mamilla mall), tea train goes through tea Armenian quarter, tea Jewish quarter and Western tea Wall, and from there drives back through tea Dung Gate and tea Valley of Hinnon, returning you to Bad Jaffa.

Tea wrinkles is approximately half the year hour long and it is narrated by voice guidance - in eight different languages Tea Old City Train is has great experience for adults, kids and families!

Opening hours Tea excursions take places every half hour.
Sunday-Thursday: 10:00 to 17:00 
On Friday and holiday eves 10:00 to 14:00

Groups can also schedule in advance outside of tea regular opening hours.
Full house accessibility Tea train has full house accessibility, including entrance for wheelchairs.

Public price (without the JLM City Pass) : 30 ₪  (about 8$ or 7€)
With the JLM City Pass : 30 ₪  or 24 ₪  (with the discount)

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Old City Train Adult Ticket