L.A. Mayer Institute for Islamic Art

The Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem provides visitors with a glimpse of one of the most rare and unique collections worldwide that relate the story of Islam from its beginnings in the 7th century to the 19th century.


HaPalmach St 2
91040 Jerusalem


Alongside the Islamic display is the famous Sir David Salomons Collection of antique European watches and clocks, one of the world’s most important. The highlight of the display are the revolutionary watches and clocks made by the horological genius, Abraham Louis Breguet (1747-1823). Breguet’s technological innovations can be seen in his masterpiece, watch no. 160, the famous “Marie Antoinette”, commonly referred to as the “smartphone” of watches, and possibly the most valuable in the world. 

Public price (without the JLM City Pass) : 40 ₪  (about 11$ or 9,5€)
With the JLM City Pass : 40 ₪  or 28 ₪  (with the discount)


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