L.A. Mayer Institute for Islamic Art

The L.A. Mayer Museum for Islamic Art is a unique museum that offers visitors the opportunity to come face to face with the world of Islamic art. The museum displays thousands of art objects from different historical events, dynasties and conquest inside the Islamic world. The museum’s collections include jewelry, gold and silver ware, musical instruments, ceramics, scientific instruments, spectacular calligraphy scrolls, delicate glass vessels, and artifacts made of copper, metal, wood and ivory.


The Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem tells the amazing story of the Islamic world from the 7th century to the 19th century. The museum’s collection includes thousands of rare items including metalware, jewelry, musical instruments, ceramics, scientific instruments, manuscripts and calligraphy, fine glassware, textiles, carpets and more.

One of the permanent displays at the museum is the Sir David Salomons rare collection of antique European watches and clocks, which contains, among other things, the breakthrough pieces by master watchmaker Abraham Louis Breguet (1723-1847). Breguet is the horologist who most influenced the history of modern watches and who is responsible for important technological innovations in the world of watches, such as the “Marie Antoinette,” that led to a revolution that redefined how time was measured. The collection is one of the three major ones in the world and includes many items of various types including musical pocket watches and singing bird boxes, automata, watches from the 18th century produced for the Turkish market, carriage clocks, and exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces containing watches and adorned with precious stones: a pistol, a fan, a perfume flask, a butterfly, a bracelet and more.


In addition to the unique permanent display, the museum features yearly two temporary exhibitions of contemporary art on various subjects that correspond with Islamic art and culture. The exhibitions are accompanied by dozens of cultural events for the general public, including gallery tours and meetings with artists whose artwork is featured in the exhibitions, music events, and lectures. Information on the new exhibitions can be found on the museum’s website.

Free entrance or 30% discount.



HaPalmach St 2
91040 Jerusalem