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The Herzl Museum opened in honor of 100 years since the passing of Theodor Herzl and it offers an opportunity to take an in-depth look at the life and activities of the founder of the modern Zionist movement. The museum is situated on Mount Herzl, close to Herzl’s gravesite and the graves of many other leaders of Israel and war martyrs. Advanced booking only


Herzl Blvd
9710700 Jerusalem


Visitors can enjoy the interactive approach of the museum, including an hour long sound and light show which presents Herzl’s vision in relation to the Jewish world. According to the museum’s website, the greatness of his accomplishments go to show the power of his vision, leaving after him a feeling of empowerment to visitors for their part in his heritage.

The museum is split into four exhibition spaces, three of them showing different eras of Herzl’s life, from the beginning of his life in Vienna and the Dreyfus trial, through the Zionist Congresses in Basel until his early death at the age of 44. The highlight of the tour is the fourth room where visitors are given an awe-inspiring view of the accomplishments of the Jewish state, despite the many difficulties and hardships, and it raises the question of whether Herzl’s famous quote, “If you will it, it is no dream,” has come to fruition or is still in the midst of coming true.

Available languages : Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Amharic,Chinese

Free entrance or 50% discount. Advanced booking only.


Herzl Museum

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