Zedekiah’s Cave

About 9,000 square-meters beneath the Old City houses lies a most remarkable cave, both in size and beauty. This legendary cave, known as Zedekiah’s Cave, one of the most spectacular sites in Jerusalem, served in antiquity as a quarry for the massive stones that built the Temple and its mount under King Solomon.

Beneath the houses of the Old City, there’s a beautiful and vast cave hidden – Zedekiah’s Cave. The cave is unbelievably extensive and lengthy (225 metes), and first it served as an ancient quarry. It was the place where the known stone “Malka” was mined. It is the most excellent building stone that crafted many of the most luxurious and striking buildings of Jerusalem. Archaeologists assume that the mining began during the period of the First Temple.

The last known quarry in the cave is dated to the early 20th century. The mined stones were used for constructing the “Clock Tower” that previously stood above the Jaffa Gate but was destroyed during the British Mandate era. There are numerous myths and traditions related to the cave — first, the escape of king Zedekiah from the Chaldeans. Also, the construction of the Second Temple by King Solomon. The Freemasons order gave a warm embrace to the cave and named it “King Solomon’s Quarries.” There’s an Arabic tradition that sees the cave as a burial place of Korach and his congregation. Moreover, there was a winged creature discovered in the cave during the late 19th century, a carved form of a mythological character similar to the Sphinx. Thousands of graffiti works on its walls, a drizzling spring “Zedekiah’s tears” and a mysterious narrow channel that discovered recently.

The cave is the origin of mysterious and almost unbelievable tales and legends. Nowadays, it had also turned into a stronghold of culture and music as well. Lately, a line of boutique performances was established in the cave with the participation of Yoni Rechter, Keren Peles, Berry Sakharoff. Idan Amadi, Yishai Ribo, Miri Mesika, Sarit Hadad, Eviatar Banai, Ehud Banai, and Nathan Goshen. The cave is considered as “unusual performing spot” by most of the artists, thanks to the unique experience it provides to the artist and the audience with its exceptional acoustics. The line-up of the shows is available on the official Facebook page.

The cave also serves as a site for unforgettable events. Up to 500 people can be hosted here during any time of day and night. It has various sitting options and allows ordering catering services. The cave has a partially accessible entrance, and the place has bus parking. As a special treat, the staff of Zedekiah’s Cave offers a guided tour in the cave and the secret tunnel.

Openng hours :
Winter Hours - Sun-Thurs: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm;
Summer Hours: Sun-Thurs: 09:00am - 05:00 pm;
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