Zedekiah’s Cave

About 9,000 square-meters beneath the Old City houses lies a most remarkable cave, both in size and beauty. This legendary cave, known as Zedekiah’s Cave, one of the most spectacular sites in Jerusalem, served in antiquity as a quarry for the massive stones that built the Temple and its mount under King Solomon.


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Events and Live Shows 
Are you planning an event?
Zedekiah’s Cave is a magical event venue that hosts unforgettable celebrations. The cave’s space can be arranged in various seating displays and can accommodate up to 500 people.
Morning, afternoon or evening events can be booked at Zedekiah’s Cave, and an outside catering service can also be ordered. The cave is partially accessible to people with disabilities and there is parking for busses.
A special Zedekiah’s Cave bonus is a guided tour around the cave and the secret crawling tunnel.

This place is also home to live music and performances by the best Israeli artists.
Stay updated on Zedekiah’s Cave’s Facebook Page and come see unique performances by talented musicians such as Shlomi Shaban, Shlomo Gronich and the Dag Nachash.

Photographs: Pami, Yael Herman

Openng hours:

Winter Hours - Sun-Thurs: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm;
Summer Hours: Sun-Thurs: 09:00am - 05:00 pm;
Closed on Friday

Public price (without the JLM City Pass) : 18 ₪  (about 5$ or 4€)
With the JLM City Pass : 18 ₪  

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