The Hebrew Music Museum

Come and "experience" the Music from a new angle! The Hebrew Music Museum, located in the heart of Jerusalem, is the only interactive museum of its kind in the world.


Yoel Moshe Salomon St 10
Nahalat Shiva

+972 2-540-6505

The museum exhibits collections of ancient and modern instruments related to various
historical periods and regions reflective of the diaspora.
The museum also provides various interactive activities using advanced technology to allow the visitor to watch
films and listen to Jewish liturgical poems (piyutim).

The museum has seven magnificent exhibition rooms, each one designed according to the style of a region that the nation of Israel wondered to until the return to the Land of Israel. These are: Central Asia, Morocco & Andalusia, Syria & Iraq, Europe, the Balkans, Africa & Yemen and the Hebrew hall.

Opening hours:

The museum is open from Sunday to Thursday from 09:30 to 20:00
On Friday and holiday eves the museum is open from 09:30 to 13:30

For details and orders:  

Hebrew music museum +972 2-540-6505   

Public price (without the JLM City Pass) : 50 ₪  (about 13,5$ or 12€)
With the JLM City Pass : 50 ₪  or 35 ₪  (with the discount)


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