The Time Elevator

Time Elevator Jerusalem - Take an amazing trip: A journey to the hidden secrets of Jerusalem, journey into and an exciting journey to the wonders of the past, the present and the future of Israel's capital.


Mamila Avenue - 6 Yitzhak Kariv Street


The Time Elevator Jerusalem is a journey through the rich 3,000 year history of Jerusalem. 
Star of “Fiddler on the Roof,” Chaim Topol plays the lead character who amid crashing ceilings, leads us on an unforgettable journey moving through Jerusalem’s historic turning points; beginning with the City of David and ending in the 1967 Six-Day War.
Combining film, motion platforms, , this 30-minute journey brings Jerusalem’s most dramatic moments to unforgettable life through an original screenplay written in conjunction with leading historians and archeologists. Audiences will witness Prophet Jeremiah’s confrontation with King Zedekiah and relive the destruction of the First and Second Temples.  They will be led through the Roman Conquest, the birth of Christianity, the emergence of Islam with its centuries of long rule over the Holy Land and the drama of the establishment of Israel. 
Combining motion based seating, panoramic screens, visitors have the sensation of viewing the movie as a participant rather than a spectator.  Surround sound headsets enable the show to be concurrently heard in English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, mandarin; Italian and Hebrew.  
"I am Jerusalem" is an artistic, innovative and international multimedia performance that takes you on a multi-sensory experience through the different time layers of Jerusalem.
kinetic projection theater that alters its dimensions throughout the show. Here you will go on an electrifying journey of sights, sounds, people and scents, to the Jerusalem of today, of yesterday and of tomorrow. The Jerusalem of the heavens and the Jerusalem on earth.
The show is suitable for ages 5 - 99, and everyone will find their own special connection to the city, their own “ I am Jerusalem".

Come and experience the sensation of "I am Jerusalem", your visit to the city will never be the same.

Language options: English, Hebrew
Safety First! – For pregnant women and those suffering from back problems motion sickness, dizziness or heart problems, our attraction contains 6 special stationary seats in addition to our 98 motion based seats.
- The Time Elevator is an attraction for the entire family (for visitors over the age of 5).
- Visitors must arrive 15 minutes prior to show time to watch an introductory film reviewing safety instructions.
It is imperative to book in advance
Time Elevator Jerusalem 
 Location: the time elevator is set in the heart of the Elrov Mamila Avenue 
6 Kariv st.Mamila Mall- in the indoor mall

For Reservations:
Tel: +972-2-6248381 
Fax: +972-2-6252228 
The Time Elevator has become an essential part of any tour of Jerusalem.

Public price (without the JLM City Pass) : 54 ₪  (about 15$ or 13€)
With the JLM City Pass : 54 ₪  or 37,8 ₪  (with the discount)

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